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Our Company

Founded in April 2018 by Ezinne Akudo, NKASSI is a home and lifestyle brand set to become a major designer and stockist of bed linen, towels and home wares in West Africa.

Our items are sourced both locally and internationally with each piece alluding to Ezinne’s signature style of a bright and clean aesthetic that is both sophisticated and approachable.

For over a year, we have expressed our passion through concept creation and development as well as unique item sourcing, our vibrancy emanates quietly from the minimalistic approach we offer in a world where serene is rare.

We believe in comfort as a lifestyle and we are here to inspire you by presenting new ways of seeing and experiencing your home. All our products are created to spark your imagination, present innovative ideas and solutions, and introduce you to a world that you never thought existed.

Dive into our online store to fit your homes with your preferences as you buy from our rare-to-find picks of home accessories, bathroom items, bedroom revels, dining indulgence and kitchen finds, and even more learn from living makeover experiences.

Take a deep breath; feel the crisp, clean, freshness of life from a simple and basic point of view… You’re HOME.

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